Client Reviews

Took care of my Tickets

Melanie Weaver took care of my speeding ticket, so nothing shows on my driving record. I didn’t even have to go to court! Melanie and her staff made the whole process very easy! Thank you!

- (5 star review)

Definitely worth the money!

Ms. Weaver represented me in a highly contested divorce wherein custody and child support were major issues. Not only did I end up with custody and child support, but I also received other things I didn’t think were possible. I would highly recommend Ms. Weaver to anyone needing a professional, experienced attorney. Thank you Melanie for everything!!!!!!

- (5 star review)

Thank you!

I contacted Ms. Irwin to help reduce a speeding ticket. She replied to my request the same day and kept me updated in detail of the entire process. I have never had a lawyer respond so quickly and clearly explain to me the process. I had zero worries what so ever with Ashley. I would recommend her for any case.

- (5 star review)

Thorough and very informative

Ms. Irwin was fantastic to work with and eased my concerns that I had. She handled my speeding ticket in a very mature and fast manner. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a lawyer.

- (5 star review)

An attorney who will fight for you.

Ms. Irwin was part of my defense team against the State of Missouri in a criminal trial that ended favorably for me. She was readily available for any questions I had. Outside the courtroom, she was very compassionate about my situation and knowledgable about the process. In the courtroom, she was very assertive and commanded a respectable presence. Of the several lawyers I’ve used for various things over the years, she is the only one I’d ever hire for additional needs.

- (5 star review)

Would definitely recommend Ashley Irwin.

Ashley Irwin is an amazing lawyer. She got all of my traffic tickets dismissed! I’ve met a lot of lawyers and I highly recommend Ms. Irwin.

- (5 star review)

An honest attorney that was quick to help!

I was delighted to have Ashley help me a few months ago! I had some outstanding tickets and warrants from 2010 that I had completely forgotten about. She was able to get them handled on our first court appearance. Not only did she help me clear my name, she got the tickets reduced, so that my insurance wouldnt go up! I couldnt believe it, the tickets were nearly 3 years old! She was very personable and I will certainly be calling her again in the future! (I have a lead foot behind the wheel!)

- (5 star review)

Miss Irwin got my expired tag ticket dismissed!

I was very pleased with her services. She was friendly, affordable and most of all she worked quickly to help me. She was able to get an expired tag ticket dismissed. I was sure I would have to pay for the ticket so I’m elated that it wasn’t the case. I will be using her services again if necessary. Would highly recommend Ashley!

- (5 star review)


I have no hesitation in recommending Ashley Irwin. She was excellent through this whole process. She communicated with me the entire time and was very knowledgeable. Anyone needing a lawyer should immediately contact Ashley. You won’t regret it.

- (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney

I would recommend Ms. Kobe to anyone including family and friends. When I got divorced several years ago, she not only got me everything I wanted but also what was in the best interest of my son. A few years after that when I went for a motion to modify the parenting plan Ms. Kobe once again was able to accomplish this task in my best interest and the interest of my son. If I ever need an attorney again I will certainly use Ms. Kobe.



I never knew I would be going through a divorce. Lorri L. Wilbee-Kobe saw the whole picture. She and and her amazing staff were there every step of the way. I can never thank them enough. I would highly recommend Lorri L. Wilbee-Kobe and her staff.

- (5 star review)

Lorri Wilbee-Kobe is an excellent attorney…I recommend her skills in every way!

Lorri Wilbee-Kobe is an excellent attorney, particularly in regards to child custody. I battled for custody of my daughter and she secured the best parenting plan I could have expected under the difficult circumstances surrounding my case. She was able to negotiate with three different opposing counsels and stood strong on the most essential requests I demanded. She advised me on the best course of action for me to follow and I heeded her advice. I am thoroughly pleased in her ability to communicate to me the important issues involved in my case and I cannot thank her enough for the victory she afforded myself and my family. Lorri deserves the highest praise for her skills as an attorney!

- (5 star review)

So glad I was referred to Lorri

Lorri took on our case, on very short notice and when we showed up in court, you would have thought she had months to prepare… She was fantastic! We were finally able to get a settlement that was fair and I’d go back to her firm without thinking twice about it … Her assistant Theresa was terrific as well !

- (5 star review)